Vitamin C Aromatic Shower Faucet Cartridge

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Vitamin C Aromatic Shower Faucet Cartridge

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Feel like you have taken the best shower of your life!

Taking a shower has increased benefits for skin, hair, and overall well being since we remove the airborne toxins and chemicals, our hair and skin were exposed to during the day. 

Unfortunately, While we can filter the water, we choose to drink (Highly Recommended). There hasn't been a product that can help filter the water we bathe in... Until now.  

With the Vitamin C Aromatic Shower Faucet Cartridge, you can remove impurities such as chlorine, which is added to tap water to remove bacteria, but negatively dries out hair and skin.

The Aromatic Shower Faucet not only acts as a Filtering system but also uses Scented Vitamin C to provide a soothing aroma while showering to provide a relaxing atmosphere; additionally, it infuses Vitamin C into the filtered water to strengthen Hair and nourish the skin. 

What you'll Love

  • Aroma: It's Luxurious to take a shower surrounded by smells of lemon or lavender. It instantly provides a soothing atmosphere. Thankfully, creating an ambiance takes minimal effort; turn the shower knob, and instantly you can delight your senses with the smell of Lemon, Pine, Rose, or Lavender.
  • Vitamin C: Also known as ascorbic acid, has multiple key benefits to prolonged health. The shower faucet cartridge benefits provide nourishment to the hair and skin noticeable over an extended period of time. 
  • Microfiber Filter: The filter helps trap large particles and pipe contaminants that travel thru the water system. 


Material: PP, Vitamin C
Temperature: 4-80 deg C
Water Pressure: 1-7 kg/c㎡
Interface: G1/2in international standard size accessories type: water purifier filter
Package Included: 1 x filter
Type: Faucet Cartridges

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