Indian Multicolored Wooden 6 Drawer Container

Indian Multicolored Wooden 6 Drawer Container - Koozi Life

Indian Multicolored Wooden 6 Drawer Container

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Multicolored Indian Spice Box or locally named "Masala Dabba" is a traditionally designed container to keep spices secured. It can still function for spices, but also organize and keep small everyday essentials safe and intact in one place. The wooden and ceramic box features premium grade materials like Sheesham Wood and quality ceramics for protection from wear and tear. The six drawer design makes it easier to organize small items effectively and efficiently. This Indian wooden shelf is wide enough to stand tall on even surfaces. 

What you'll Love

  • Wooden Drawer: This traditionally designed drawer is ideal for keeping your everyday essentials organized in one place. This beautifully designed shelf makes organization easy and stylish.
  • Distinctive look: exceptional design and traditional look elevates the overall appearance and creates a focal point wherever seated. The colored handles and drawers are painted by hand to depict Moghul floral patterns.
  • Material Used: These ceramic shelves' creation process uses a traditional Japanese inspired Raku Firing Technique, along with Sheesham wood that adds to its durability and longevity.
  • Care Instructions: It is advised not to use harsh chemical cleaners or abrasive materials to clean the Multicolored Wooden Container; avoid exposure to direct sunlight as this can fade away the painted surfaces

*Multicolored Storage Box*


  • Material: Raku Ceramics, Sheesham Wood
  • Size:  25.5 Inches Length X 23.5 Inches Width X 32
    or 65 CM Length X 60 CM Width X 12 Height
  • Color Palette: Carrot Orange, Acqua Blue, Navy Blue
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